Is 3D bonding better than sewing? It is an emerging technology with significant advantages.

  • 70% less manpower, 30% less energy!

  • It's simpler, cheaper, and better than sewing.

  • It is new and you may not have heard of it.

Join us and learn how advances in 3D bonding and 3D to 2D digital pattern making help make better products. You will see full workflow and the tools. Bonding works any material - leather, woven, synthetics etc. and applies to almost any industry.

Simplicity Works Presenter

Fernando Nicolás García is co-founder of Simplicity works creators of 3D bonding technology that eliminates the manual stitching and gluing processes. This results in lower manufacturing costs, speed to market and better quality products

Exactflat Presenter

Mark Jewell from ExactFlat is an expert in 3D to 2D Digital Pattern making. Digital Pattern making is up to 16x faster, and easier than manual methods. Why? Because it's digital.

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