ExactFlat for Rhino 3D Help Resources

This page contains resources to help understand and use ExactFlat 3D to 2D digital pattern making software for Rhino 3D.

The ExactFlat for Rhino User Guide

The ExactFlat for Rhino user guides contains a basic introduction to the features and commands. (Note: this document is currently being updated)

ExactFlat for Rhino Quick Start Video

This video contains an overview of the ExactFlat workflow and selected features related to the core workflow. This includes

  • Remeshing files

  • 3D to 2D flattening

  • Applying alignment notches

  • Preparing and exporting a DXF for automated cutters.

This video has a document with a video transcript that can be used with or without the video. To download view the companion document to the ExactFlat For Rhino Quick Start guide click the button below.

Installing Rhino and ExactFlat

These two videos will help guide you through the process of downloading and installing Rhino 3D, and ExactFlat for Rhino 3D. There are also two companion documents:

  1. Part 1 Installing Rhino

  2. Part 2 Installing ExactFlat

Understanding the ExactFlat Options

ExactFlat Options allow you to configure certain settings such as strain legends, seam allowances, material types etc. Use this video help you produce high quality patterns by fine tuning the settings in advance.

The ExactFlat Options document provides a transcript of the video with reference screen shots.

A Tour Of The Rhino & ExactFlat Interface

This video provides an overview of the key elements of the Toolbars, icons and other aspects of the your working interface. Use this video and the companion document for an overview of key commands.

The Rhino & ExactFlat Interface document provides a transcript of the video with reference screen shots.

ExactFlat FAQ Videos

The following videos cover various aspects of using ExactFlat for Rhino 3D to create high quality patterns fast. They are based on some of the most frequently asked customer questions:

  • FAQ #1 & 2 ExactFlat Toolbar and License Manager

  • FAQ #3 What is a good mesh?

  • FAQ #4 The Uniform & Adaptive Remesher

  • FAQ #5 3D to 2D Flattening - Pre-Flatteners vs. Optimizer

  • FAQ #6 3D to 2D Flattening - Pre-Flatteners

  • FAQ #7 (coming soon) Flipped Triangle (wrinkle) Remover

  • FAQ #8 Darts & Relief Cuts

  • FAQ #9 Measuring 3D Model and 2D Pattern Differences.