3D to 2D CAD Flattening

Faster, Simpler Product Development:

Software for Manufacturers Using Composites, Industrial Fabrics & Technical Textiles.

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ExactFlat’s various applications are phenomenal and an industry-first.

ExactFlat can take something made out of fabric (imagine a stuffed teddy bear) and convert it into a flat pattern (adjusting for material stretching).  It can then take that flat pattern and put in on a “cut template” and optimize the yield (by adjusting how all the pieces fit into each other), as well as automatically place notches.  Then, you can make adjustments to elements like material & size and it will provide costing information.

This can be used to for composites (like baseball bats, car paneling and high-end aerospace parts), on textiles (clothing and upholstery), performance fabrics (backpacks, windsurfing sails and parachutes) and inflatables (soccer balls, rafts, bouncy houses, etc.). Basically, anything that has a complex surface and stretches is a good candidate.

I can’t emphasize how wild this is… when I was involved making doll clothes, we could never get our costing right because it was too difficult to figure out the variations.  Switching from a nylon to a brushed tricot might require additional pieces due to wrinkling, and nylon stretches differently so the pattern would always vary. I can’t imagine the process for a medical company to make a certified ISO pattern for a wheelchair cushion.  ExactFlat offers lots of potential solutions.

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What is ExactFlat?

ExactFlat is software that makes it faster and less complicated to design, develop, prototype, cost and manufacture any products that incorporate composites, industrial fabrics or technical textiles. Integrated with leading 3D CAD packages, it does this by:

    • Replacing manual processes with digital processes using Exactflat’s proprietary algorithms.
    • Consolidating separate and distinct workflows into one environment on one platform.
    • Parametrically linking related tasks so that design changes in one area are automatically reflected in related areas.

Automotive workflow screenshots

See ExactFlat in Action in these Video Demos

Advanced 3D-to-2D Flattening Algorithms

ExactFlat’s algorithms utilize a proprietary FEA solver refined over 10 years and are made for anisotropic materials formed into complex, non-developable surface geometry.

Powerful Patterning Tools

Visual, intuitive pattern engineering available inside SolidWorks.  This video gives an overview of how automated pattern editing tools can offer simplified processes and accelerated cycle times.

Integrated, High-Yield Nesting

ExactFlat helps designers and engineers get more done, in less time, with lower effort. We have taken advanced industry leading compaction algorithms and embedded them within the SolidWorks CAD environment. We are proud to offer the first marker making and nesting features that are fully parametrically linked to pattern editing tools, and 3D or 2D CAD models.

This video gives an overview of how ExactFlat’s high yield nesting can be powerful and yet easy to use.