ExactFlat Production Manager

Introducing the fastest, easiest way to improve the productivity and profit of your nesting operations. We created the ExactFlat Production Manager at the request of many of our customers. These customers wanted to be able to:

  • Group jobs fast: Combine many parts on a single marker for greater nest yield and material optimization

  • Train people fast: Train in less than 60 minutes. Have a simple, easy to learn drag and drop interface.

  • Create estimates fast: Create costs in seconds with the push of a button.

  • Sort parts fast: Increase the speed and efficiency of sorting with colour coded groups.

  • Create automatic nests fast: Pull parts from a database, save time with templates and defaults, and update nests faster.

Do all of this and more with ExactFlat Production Manager.

Digital patterning. Nesting & Marker Making. Software for sewn product design. ExactFlat is the fastest path from CAD to Cutter.