Introducing ExactFlat Monarch.

Digital patterning software for on demand apparel manufacturing.

ExactFlat Monarch provides a better way for fashion and apparel designers to get their products to market.  It’s a fast and cost-effective solution that ensures

  • Near zero waste

  • Near zero inventory

  • Near zero cutter set-up or alignment effort

ExactFlat Monarch makes it easy for designers to add beautiful graphics, and textures to 3D designs and then to flatten the 3D designs to 2D patterns with images perfectly applied.  Once the initial pattern is created it’s a simple process to edit the patterns as required (seams, notches, grain lines etc.) and then to export the combined cut line and graphic file directly to your digital textile printer and cutter.

Key Features

  1. 3D Design, editing and texture mapping (Rhino 3D)

  2. 3D to 2D pattern and graphic flattening

  3. Strain and sag analysis

  4. Strain and sag micro adjustment

  5. Digital Pattern development (seams, notches, grains lines)

    • Seam allowances

    • Grain Lines

    • Alignment notches

    • 3D or 2D darts

    • Cutting & sewing pattern pieces (in 3D or 2D)

  6. High Resolution rendering + cut line output (PDF, TIFF, and DXF).

The All New ExactFlat Monarch. Software for on-demand apparel manufacturing. It is powerful, easy to use, and works with any digital. textile printer. Finally a full and. complete solutions for on-demand apparel manufacturing.

ExactFlat Monarch is an add-in for Rhino 3D