Cut Down 90% On Site Time.

One of the biggest costs of insulation blanket design is time spent on the site attempting to accurately capture the design.  Utilizing today’s 3D scanning technology, you can capture the pump or any other object, read the scan into your 3D design program, then simply export that design into ExactFlat’s unique 3D flattening software. This cost-efficient pattern making method is easy to implement in the field and provides the most accurate and cost saving approach.

Eliminate the Back and Forth.

Capture the design, create the pattern, produce the parts, test the fits, repeat. The old trial and error technique can cost a lot in time and diminished profits. Cut the costs with simple and most importantly accurate solutions that ensure perfect patterns on the first try.  ExactFlat’s pattern making tools flatten your 3D designs into accurate 2D patterns in a matter of minutes. This means less back and forth and more profit on every project.


Meet Budget Goals.

Use ExactFlat to ensure reduced production time and optimized material usage, and to deliver highly accurate bids with competitive pricing. Furthermore, deliver on meeting all deadlines, all the while making your business more money.


  • Use precise models to define multi-layer insulation covers.
  • Deliver the most accurate bids on the fastest timetable.
  • Utilize scanning data to quickly address retrofit requirements.
  • Develop the complete design with the creation of straps, snaps, access points, and more.

Start designing your next product today with ExactFlat’s free online trial experience or request a one-on-one demonstrationcustomized for your business

We provide custom design services for demanding global brands. The projects we work on require innovation with a fast turnaround time. ExactFlat enables us to reduce design time by 60% giving us more freedom and flexibility to put into innovation. This helps us keep our customers happy and successful.
— Bill Dieter, President at Terrazign Inc.