Giving an ExactFlat Demo

When giving a demonstration of ExactFlat, it is helpful to highlight how the various features of the product can help customers get their job  done faster.  There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. ExactFlat is faster because there are not process gaps and hand-offs
  2. ExactFlat is faster because it is accurate, not approximate
  3. ExactFlat is faster because it is easier to make edits and changes

Understanding the Exactflat Workflow can help with impactful demos.  Here are some resources:


Example Highlights of ExactFlat for Rhino Features

Example Highlights of SolidWorks Features


5 Ways ExactFlat beats the competition.

1.  ExactFlat is better than any 2D CAD software because there are no process gaps.  The 2D CAD workflow has many disconnected processes that make it slow, and outdated.

  • It requires physical prototypes - ExactFlat does not, it takes in 3D CAD or laser scanned input.
  • It requires manual patterning, draping and taping - ExactFlat does not, it utilizes the faster and more reliable digital patterning.
  • It requires digitization of physcal patterns - ExactFlat does not, it uses the amazing Digital Fabric Simulation to flatten 3D designs in minutes.
  • You have to export 2D pattern files and import them into a nesting program - ExactFlat does not, it has integrated nesting
  • You have to use a different program for documentation - ExactFlat does not, it offers integrated drawings
  • You have to use a different program for costing - with ExactFlat you have integrated material costing.
  • Each process gap requires a hand off.  This creates more disconnection so changes and editing are time consuming and error prone - With ExactFlat upstream outputs are automatic downstream inputs.  There is no disconnection, and no hand-offs so editing and changes are faster and easier.

2.  ExactFlat is better than any 3D CAD software for digital patterning because the essential tools are are there.  ExactFlat is an add-in to the 3D CAD ecosystem.  It makes 3D CAD more feature rich and extends the capabilities for sewn products.

  • Create patterns pieces in 3D with the pattern piece creator.  3D CAD programs make you do this manually which takes more time
  • Create splits and darts in 3D
  • Flatten 3D designs into accurate 2D patterns. Other 3D flatteners lack accuracy meaning you have to check every single pattern
  • Specialized 2D pattern tools allow easy fast pattern development.  
  • Intregrated nesting and costing make it fast and easy to create markers and costs

3. ExactFlat is better than 2D CAD for fabrics because it is accurate, not approximate.  2D CAD takes manual patterns that have to be digitized as input.  This is only as accurate as manual measurements.  Seams, and notches have to be worked on iteratively over and over to get them right.  It is slower.  ExactFlat is faster because it takes high precision 3D CAD files as input with precise tolerances.  ExactFlat also uses digital fabric simulation so it is accurate not approximate and therefore faster.

4.  ExactFlat is better than 3D Virtual Prototyping software because you can make what you design.  3D virtual prototyping is a manufacturing dead end.  They design for the screen, not the manufacturing machine.  Therefore you must create another parallel process for actually designing and making your product. Software for virtual runways, fabric simulation and virtual prototypes DO NOT create manufacturable designs, ExactFlat does. That is why it is better.  You can make real designs for real products and earn real money faster.

5. ExactFlat is easier to learn and use than any 2D CAD software for fabrics.  if you are an experienced 3D CAD user, ExactFlat can be learned in as little as 8 hours.  For 2D CAD it may take 8 weeks with another 8 weeks of job shadowing.  2D CAD is old and confusing and therefore slow.  This makes it harder to do your job.  That is why ExactFlat is better.