One Less Degree of Certainty 

With the accuracy of ExactFlat’s 3D flattening software, ensuring fiber orientation in composite lay-ups has become more error-proof than ever before. Common problems in composite layup all start from the beginning of laying the pattern into the press. If the pattern is wrong—the product is wrong. This costs your business time and money in production. ExactFlat is the cost-efficient software that will save your business thousands in the long run.

The Material of the Future

With ExactFlat’s flexible 2D pattern making software, there’s no limit to the design possibilities your company can create a composite product out of. Watch your composite designs come to life in helmets, bikes, automotive frames and accessories, turbine blades, and more. Future-proof your manufacturing with software designed to develop cost-efficient composite design for current and future products and technologies.


Design and Fabricate at a Fraction of the Cost.

The cost of most flattening and pattern-making solutions for composite products make them just short of unobtainable for most new-to-market, product innovators.  Unlike these other tools, ExactFlat software works with pre-existing 3D design software and fits into any budget.


  • Design and manufacture an unlimited variety of composite products
  • Increase speed and accuracy when designing woven fiber composite layups and patterns.
  • Automate the fabrication steps with cost-effective pattern making solutions that fit any budget.

Start designing your next product today with ExactFlat’s free online trial experience or request a one-on-one demonstration customized for your business

We provide custom design services for demanding global brands. The projects we work on require innovation with a fast turnaround time. ExactFlat enables us to reduce design time by 60% giving us more freedom and flexibility to put into innovation. This helps us keep our customers happy and successful.
— Bill Dieter, President at Terrazign Inc.