Activating a Floating License 

ExactFlat licensing supports floating licenses.    A floating license allows the software to be installed on an unlimited number of machines,  however the number of machines that can be running the software concurrently is limited to the number of licenses on the floating license server. 

  • Install a floating license server that is accessible to client computers.  The installer can be downloaded from below. 
  • Reboot the server or manually start the RLM-EFServer service.


Starting the License Server Service

The floating license server is started or restarted from the Component Services:

  1. Go to Component Services.
  2. Right click on service name RLM-EFServer.  
  3. Start the service.  

Activating a Floating License



  • Click on Activate License
  • ISV Activation website should be:  Click Next->
  • ISV: ExactFlat
  • Paste  license activation key.  If entered manually, include hyphens.


  • The host ID for the license server is automatically entered.   Enter the number of licenses to activate on this license server.


  • Specify the location the license file will reside in.  The default location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Tri-D Technologies Inc\EF Floating License Server


  • Verify information and request license.


  • Restart license server after license file has successfully written to license server. If you have problems with this process contact customer support.