Improve Design Turn Around Time.

Eliminate the surprise between design and production. ExactFlat software is fast. We mean really fast. Which means you can take your 3D design and move into production with efficiency like you’ve never seen before. Finalize the look, validate the performance and approve production details in minutes.  Use ExactFlat to get it right the first time.

The Perfect 3D Design and Pattern Making Solution.

Unlike some flattening companies that make you purchase their software, hire specialists, and switch to their method of production, we specialize in one thing: fitting our flattening software into your existing process. Keep your 3D design software and production options wide open because ExactFlat works with the vast majority of software, scanners, plotters and cutters you already use.


Innovate Function and Fashion

Whether your company is developing the latest in bulletproof vests or a fashion forward sport shoe, our software is designed to fit the specific needs of your industry. There are no restrictions as to what you can produce with ExactFlat. The only limits are set by your own capacity for design creativity. The software is exceptionally user-friendly and with access to online MasterClass once a week you have all the expertise you need right there in your browser.  Don’t be held back by false limitations.


  • Automate the time intensive process of pattern design and production prep.
  • Explore the full range of design concepts without being hampered by complex or difficult to use software.
  • Gain confidence in the fit of patterns before production begins.

Start designing your next product today with ExactFlat’s free online trial experience or request a one-on-one demonstration customized for your business

We provide custom design services for demanding global brands. The projects we work on require innovation with a fast turnaround time. ExactFlat enables us to reduce design time by 60% giving us more freedom and flexibility to put into innovation. This helps us keep our customers happy and successful.
— Bill Dieter, President at Terrazign Inc.