Ensure the Right Fit

The effort to correct ill-fitting components has been known to add thousands in development and re-work costs. Don’t take chances. Convert your 3D designs into a flattened 2D ready-to-cut patterns in minutes. ExactFlat’s flattening and pattern making software is so incredibly accurate, it will eliminate or dramatically reduce the number of iterations in your production process.  Saving you time and money.

Add just the tools that you Need to do Your Job.

While other companies only offer expensive, full-production process re-engineering products, ExactFlat is unique in that we specialize in simply providing you with the software needed to do your job and nothing more. This way, you only pay for what you need today and you get the flexibility to integrate with your current technologies as well as any future design, material optimization, costing or cutting technologies.

Customized Inside and Out.

For many, flattening and pattern making may bring to mind simply fabric production but that’s only part of the ExactFlat solution. Use ExactFlat solutions to create ready-to-cut patterns and blanks for almost any automotive component including upholstered leather dashboard and seats, covers, fiberglass spoilers, carbon fiber hood, or stamped metal brackets just to name a few. The possibilities of materials and design uses are quite possibly endless.



  • Maintain better flexibility and cost of ownership in your solution for pattern making process automation.
  • Accelerate the creation of production-ready products made with fabrics, leather, stamped metal and composite materials with incredible accuracy.
  • Lower production cost with cost-efficient software, production tractability, and money saved from time and cost in production process.

Start designing your next product today with ExactFlat’s free online trial experience or request a one-on-one demonstration customized for your business

The Business we go after could be anywhere in the world. We need a way to produce our quotes fast and have confidence that we can deliver.

With ExactFlat we can turn-around a complex proposal in 1 day if necessary. This used to take us weeks. As a result, we are now more competitive because we know that we can deliver faster and better than our competitors.
— Trim Designer with 20 years of experience