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Finally, fully integrated inside SolidWorks.

ExactFlat builds software for manufacturers that work with fabrics and industrial textiles. For example:

  • Automotive: seating and interior trim
  • Marine: seating, canvas and composites
  • Furniture: upholstered seating and furniture
  • Industrial: composites, rubbers, technical textiles and canvas

At SolidWorks World 2013 we’ll be introducing the latest version of ExactFlat Design Studio. Only available for SolidWorks, Design Studio powerfully extends the capabilities of SolidWorks, making it more relevant to manufacturers that design products using industrial fabrics.

What is ExactFlat Design Studio?

ExactFlat Design Studio is the first product to consolidate the five essential product development steps of design, 3D to 2D pattern conversion and design, nesting, costing, and documentation onto a single platform. This integration inside SolidWorks enables manufacturers to bring their products to market faster, with lower effort and at reduced cost. Many of our customers experience productivity gains greater than 50%.

Why is ExactFlat Design Studio a significant opportunity for SolidWorks?

Extending the capability and relevance of SolidWorks to this new industrial fabrics market segment represents a 100,000 seat opportunity for SolidWorks, and the opportunity to beat Autodesk, PTC, Siemens and other competitors to this new market. This will be a key discussion point for CAD users as they re-evaluate their current software solutions.

Why ExactFlat Design Studio is news-worthy

The integration of this product development workflow inside SolidWorks is transforming how sewn product manufacturers bring their products to market – and we are at the forefront of this movement. This shift has already started for our customers, which include Toyota, Nike/Terrazign, Raven, Ohio Valley and AmeriTex, to name just a few. Our principles are experienced industry leaders with CAD systems for both fabric and solid modelling (a rare blend), giving us a unique perspective on how the fusion of these two markets will evolve going forward (and we love to talk about it, so just ask). This migration to 3D design and workflow automation will become one of the most covered stories in the CAD space in 2013.

We are available to answer any and all questions, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.


Eaton Donald
CEO & Chief Strategy Officer, Tri-D Technologies
Phone: 647-933-9090
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