In today’s competitive environment it is imperative to manage your material and overall productions costs efficiently, which is why those manufacturing more than a single pattern utilize nesting to minimize costs.

What Is Nesting And How Can It Save Your Business Money?

Nesting is the process of laying out patterns for cut on single material sheets in order to minimize the raw material waste. ExactFlat software not only uniquely lays out nesting patterns within the software, but also uses real-time cost calculations to determine exact material costs.

With automated nesting linked directly within the 3D design and 2D pattern making environment– another industry first, ExactFlat closes the gap between design and production and streamlines your path to increased profit.

The results speak for themselves(insert client name) estimated savings of more than $50,000 per year after implementing the automated nesting tools provides in ExactFlat Professional.   And that doesn’t include the time saved now that they can push a button to nest rather than trying to calculate material usage manually.

Is the ExactFlat Nesting Feature Right for My Business?

The advantaging of nesting  vary based on a company’s current or future demands.

For small businesses or start-up organizations the implementation, process re-engineering and start-up cost often outweigh the benefits.  The ExactFlat solution eliminates this concern since it is design to work within your existing 3D CAD tool. This means that the initial set-up costs are significantly reduced.

In comparison, larger organizations are usually motivated to invest in nesting  based on product volumes.  For these organizations ExactFlat provides added benefit due to the  ability to consolidate entire component families into as few cut jobs as possible.  This helps minimize nesting time and material wasted even further .

Whether your business is on the larger-scale or smaller, consider nesting as a tool for everyone to use in order to reduce the overall labor, cost of material and time spent preparing for production.

  • Optimize material utilization
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve pattern piece cutting time
  • Eliminate wasted inventory

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