One of the most complex, time consuming, and costly parts of soft goods production occurs during the labor intensive, manual process used to  develop a 2D production-ready pattern from  of the 3D Design.

While some companies attempt to help address this profitability challenge by forcing manufacturers to completely re-engineer their process and to purchase their insanely expensive hardware and software products, ExactFlat is different.

Instead of forcing designers to re-configure their processes to work with our solutions, ExactFlat Software instead works seamlessly with your existing 3D CAD software, cutter and production/assembly solutions.

Meaning you are free to work in the environment most conducive to your industry; whether it be marine, furniture /seating, automotive, inflatables, or consumer goods. Whatever your industrial fabric, woven composite or stamped metal needs, ExactFlat can flatten your designs into patterns that fit.

Problems Manufacturers Have When Optimizing Pattern Making

The biggest cost inhibitors when it comes to converting designs to production-ready patterns comes down to one thing, time

  • Time used to create the pattern
  • Time wasted from the Trial and Error needed to get the right fit
  • Time added to communicate specific details to the production/assembly team

ExactFlat Changed the Process with Rapid Pattern Making.

Within the ExactFlat software we have automated the antiquated processes of “tape and drape” and Cut/Fit iterations. Tape and drape involves time-consuming manual labor, does not optimize for stretch and sag and is ultimately an educated guessing process.   Cut/Fit iterations require designers to cut the fabric, sew/assemble a prototype of the product, test the fit and then repeat the process over and over again until it’s right.

ExactFlat software uses proprietary algorithms to eliminate this guess-work.

With ExactFlat Rapid Pattern Making just the click of a button can optimize the pattern for stretch and sag and create an accurately flattened 2D pattern in minutes. This process yields patterns that fit often in the first try, virtually eliminating cutting, and sewing of incorrectly produced patterns.

ExactFlat automates the rest of the process by including pattern engineering tools to add seam, notches and hardware call outs as well as nesting tools for materials optimization.

Not only is ExactFlat’s rapid pattern making optimized for speed it’s also incredibly simple to use. Anyone on your team can learn how to go from 3D Design to flattened 2D pattern with just a few hours of instruction.  It’s that simple.

ExactFlat Eliminates the Problem By Delivering A Process That Excels In:

 Speed, Accuracy, and Simplicity.

Start designing your next product today with ExactFlat’s free online trial experience or request a one-on-one demonstration customized for your business

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