An accurate 2D pattern is nice. But a 2D pattern that includes all of the  information needed to document the entire production processes is what’s required.  And that’s what you get with ExactFlat.

By including production information like seam types, notch locations and  hardware tags you as the designer are able to guide your manufacturing team to deliver the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time.

In the end you will have annotated technical drawings which convey your complete design intent and help reduce potential costly errors in assembly misunderstandings.

Key Capabilities

  1. Standard and customizable drawing templates.
  1. Take the pattern pieces and drag them in after the document template.
  2. ExactFlat supports A, B, C, D or even E size drawings
  1. Seamless layer management tools that help your cutter automatically distinguish pattern pieces from seams, grain lines, labels notches and other production  details/instructions.
  2. Simple options to incorporate additional productions information
  1. Seam type and length tables
  2. Balloons and BOM callouts
  3. Material Table
  4. Customer or Project specific information

ExactFlat Drawing and Documentation Advantages

  • Finish the entire process in under an hour from start to finish.
  • Allows designer to communicate the design intent and key objectives to the entire production team
  • Link the design, pattern and drawings together in the same environment. Changes made in one area are automatically updated everywhere.

Start designing your next product with ExactFlat’s free trial experience.

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Presented By Cliff Brown:
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Register for This Weeks Webinar

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Thursday April, 6th at 1pm PST

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As an “old dog,” I was anxious and a bit apprehensive of the new tools, but with a bit of help I was able to get up and running while saving time with ExactFlat in just a few hours. I still rely on the old-ways from time to time, but I’m now finding new projects to apply the automated pattern making process to every day.”

-Tim Kennedy, Christian Workshop