Cut and Sew

Cut and Sew


Unlike many of your competitors, you saw that the manufacturing process was suffering from a gap in automation between design to production.

While ExactFlat does fill this gap with proprietary tools designed to save time and money by quickly converting 3D designs to accurate 2D flattened pattern pieces, the process also includes steps to help automate the processes that follow.

These final steps in production being the cut and sew/assembly process.

How Does ExactFlat Help Automate Production

Tools within ExactFlat software make it easy to document production steps

  • Piece and edge labels
  • Assembly notches
  • Piece tags to help identify hardware locations
  • Custom instructions for assembly
  • Direct integration with all major automated cutters

ExactFlat software integrates with your 3D CAD design tools.  Uniquely allowing users to design and produce fabric and solid components simultaneously. An industry first!

So You’ve Flattened and Optimized Your Pattern, Now What?

With the exception of the metal grommets, this entire backpack was designed as one master model and  directly produced using 3D to 2D flattening, 3D printing, and automated 2D pattern cutting.  The only manual process was assembly.

This streamlined process enabled the designer to compress the time needed to convert the concept to a completed product and to meet an extremely demanding 60 day  production schedule.

This new process saves time by automating the traditional manual process. In most shops, this can save days or even weeks per product design.  It also helps reduce the need  for expensive prototypes and test runs on the production machinery.  Everything step of the assembly process can be simulated before a single part was printed or cut.

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