Uploading Data

Uploading Data

The ExactFlat Database Manager  offers several methods to make engineering data entry faster and less complicated:
Feature Data Managers provide a graphical interface for viewing relationships and entering data into your database.
  • Hardware Manager:  Any raw material that is not a flat material is considered hardware.   Material properties such as cost, weight, vendor details etc.  are defined using the Hardware Manager .
  • Material Manager : Any raw material that is nested and cut is considered a material.   Material properties such dimensions,  nesting properties, and  physical properties are defined using the Material Manager.
  • Action Manager : Action properties are specified and Hardware and Materials are  assigned to actions using the Action Manager.
  • Edge Feature Manager: Edge Feature properties are specified and Actions are assigned to Edge Features  using the Edge Feature Manager.
  • The Excel Importer tool  can be used to upload data.  In order to avoid errors in the uploaded data,  it is recommended to use a predefined template containing reference data such as units and ExactFlat features.  The Excel Importer is able to load data into concurrently into multiple tables.  The template is available below:  Excel Upload Template Version 1.0.  Columns in Red is required that  data is referenced to another sheet.  This feature is useful for initial collection and upload of data such as notch types, edge features, materials and hardware.   Grid View and  Feature Data Managers  can be used to modify and add data after it is uploaded.
  • Grid View allows the user to  edit data directly. The Grid View is useful for editing small amounts of data, or viewing large numbers of records.
  • Direct Database Connection  ExactFlat is based on SQL which can be used to communicated with external ERP systems. Connecting your database to an external ERP system allows for data update to be automated.
Data Upload via Excel
The Excel Upload  option allows the user to load data to the database from an Excel spreadsheet.   Below are data templates in the correct format for uploading data to an ExactFlat Database:
Material Upload Template (Excel File)
  • Overwrite Existing Entries

The Overwrite Existing Entries option will overwrite data records with the same record ID or name.

  • Save to Database

Save to Database allows the user to check data for errors prior to committing to the database.  Clicking import again with this option checked will save the data to the database.

  • Data verification

The Data Verification dialogue allows  the user to check the data being imported prior to committing changes to the database.

  • Database Grid View

The Database Grid View   allows the user to edit table data directly.  Linked table information is displayed through drop-downs.

Hardware Manager

The Hardware Category Manager allows the user to search the ExactFlat database for hardware items and assign items to categories.