Tables  contain lists of information contained within the ExactFlat part or assembly document. Tables are linked to Balloons in order to allow automated detailing within the drawing document. Table information can be customized using ExactFlat Table Templates. The appearance of a table  can be customized using SolidWorks Table Styles. Watch the video below to learn more:

Piece Table
ExactFlat Piece Tables create a linked  list of all the pieces in the ExactFlat part file. Piece parameters such as name, description, ID, material can be added to the table. Table Templates and SolidWorks Table Styles can be used to customize the information and appearance in the table.

Material Table
ExactFlat Material Tables allow the user to add a linked list of materials that existing within a SolidWorks document.  Material Tables can be linked to balloons to quickly define the material assignment for ExactFlat pieces.

Notch Table
A Notch Table allows the user to create a table of notches for all edges in a part,  or s selected set of Edges.

Edge Table
An Edge Table allows the user to add a table of Edge Feature that exist within a SolidWorks part document.