Piece Manager

Piece Manager

The ExactFlat Piece Manager   allows the user to edit individual nesting constraints and to add copies and mirror  of pieces to the marker.

The Marker Piece List contains all of the pieces assigned to a marker. The piece list is dynamic and is updated whenever piece materials are updated. Pieces are assigned to a marker when the material assigned to a piece within a model matches the marker model material. In the example below, we have pieces 1-7. The red pieces are material A, the black pieces are material B.
The material for Marker A is fabric A, so the Piece List for Marker A contains pieces 1-3. the material for marker B is fabric B, so the Piece List for Marker B contains pieces 4-7.

Nesting Constraints
The Rotation Increment control set the angle increment in degrees that the grain line of piece can be rotated relative to the nesting surface.  The nesting surface  x-axis corresponds to the length of the surface.    All ExactFlat pieces have a grain line indicating the x-axis of the piece.
Grain lines are applied by default,  however a grain line control can be applied to a piece using the Grain Lines tool.  

The Rotation Tolerance allows the piece freedom to rotate the specified value to each side of the rotation increment.

  • Flip X allows pieces to flip about the Grain Line  during nesting.
  • Flip Y allows pieces to flip perpendicular to the  Grain Line  during nesting.

X and Y Pattern Offsets set the repeat distance for a stripe pattern on a material.  These values are set in the material.  When these values are turned on,  the part will be constrained to align with the material on the marker.

The Match Rotation control allows the pieces to rotate within constraints while constraining grain lines of each piece to be parallel.