Overview Database Setup


The ExactFlat Database  allows automation of your design.  Features , materials and costing information is stored in order that it can be made available to any  user who connects to the database.  The data is now available  in SolidWorks in order to created standard features such as notches, seams, markers and costing.

A ExactFlat database is SQL based.  SQL server or SQL LocalDB can be used to manage data. 

ExactFlat SQL Database

An ExactFlat SQL Database is appropriate for large enterprises.  A SQL database will require a Microsoft SQL installation.  ExactFlat requires SQL 2012 or newer.    Running a network server allows many users to connect a the same set of standard data.  See below to download a sample SQL database.  Feature data used in SolidWorks such as material information, seam allowances and notches is synchronized to local machines each time a connection is made or refreshed.  This allows ExactFlat to run seamlessly if a connection to the server is unavailable.    

Using a network database provides many advantages including:

  • Promotes standard data within an engineering work group.
  • Training new users is simplified, standard data appears when needed.
  • Data backups can be managed using SQL or other database format.
  • Data can be integrated with outside systems.  For example, cost data updates can be automatedl and fully formatted BOMs can be uploaded to outside systems.

ExactFlat LocalDB

An ExactFlat LocalDB is appropriate for individual users.   A sample database is created when ExactFlat is installed.  

A local database is set up automatically when ExactFlat is installed.   The advantage of a local database is simplicity, however there are many disadvantages including:

  • Data backups require managing the local database file.
  • Data communication with other users is restricted.

In order to enable LocalDB,  use the LocalDB option available in the installer.  A sample dataset and data connection is provided with the installer.  

The default directory  for the local dataset is here:  C:\ProgramData\Tri-D Technologies Inc\ExactFlat\Standalone Databases

ExactFlat  Database Manager 

The ExactFlat  Database Manager  is a stand alone application that  allows users to add, subtract or modify information in the database.  User permissions can be set and a database log is available to track modifications to the database.  Multiple databases can be created and managed using the ExactFlat database manager.