Notches are features added to edges to communicate manufacturing information such as panel alignment, hardware position and piece identification.  Notches can be added to edges in multiple ways:

  • Notch Chains can be used to add notches within an Edge Feature.   This feature  are useful when many notches are required at regular intervals along an edge or edge group.
  • The Notch Tool allows the user to position notches using a SolidWorks sketch points.    Notches can be adjusted using edge length and percent parameters.
  • Independent Notches   allows the user to add and adjust individual  notches within an Edge feature.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to set up and use notches:

Notch Chains
The Notch Chain  option can used to add an  array of notches along an edges or edge group.   A  spacing or count parameter can be used to locate the notches.

Notch Tool
SolidWorks sketch points can be used to locate notches using the Notch  tool. Notch sketches require the following:

  • Notches must be placed on edges.  If a point is not coincident to an edge,  it will not be created.
  • Notches are moved along edges using length and percent constraints.  If additional constraints are added to position the notches,  these will be removed when a notch position is edited using the Notch tool.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Independent Notches
Independent Notches   can be added in the context of  Edge Features  .  A distance along seam parameter is used to position the notch, and the notch can be applied to one or all of the paired edges in the seam tool.   Watch the video below to learn more.