Material Manager

Material Manager

The ExactFlat Material Manager  allows the user to easily maintain information for materials in the database.  Materials can be assigned cost and vendor information,  physical properties for flattening,  and nesting constraint information.

Watch the video below to see the Material Manager in action:

General Properties

The General Properties Tab  contains basic material data such as part number, color and cost.

Nesting Properties

The Nesting Properties Tab allow the user to specify the default constraints for pieces that are nested on the material.

Material Physical Properties

The Material Physical Properties Tab allow the user to enter Young’s Modulus, Poisson Ratio and performance limits for the material.

Material Special Properties

The Material  or Hardware Special Properties Tab allow the user to enter custom data for the material or hardware record.

Material Categories

Material Categories are useful for making large material libraries more manageable.  Categories can be added as children of a parent category.  Materials can then be assigned to one or more categories by dragging and dropping them into the category using the material manager.  Watch the video below:

Material Appearance

When a material properties are applied to pieces in SolidWorks,  model and pattern pieces will take the color defined here.