Marker Manager
The marker manager has been redesigned to reduce clutter. The new tabbed interface includes three tabs for marker properties, layrules, and materials.

Marker Interface
Two new controls and a new options panel were added to the marker interface.
Marker Placement Options
The marker placement options dialogue allows you to customize the placement of pieces on all markers in the active document.  Although the options dialogue contains the same controls, the controls in the options dialogue adjust the global defaults only.  To open the marker placement options, click the   icon.
Auto Rotate Piece to Minimum Height will attempt to rotate each piece added to the marker such that it consumes the minimum required height for the piece. The rotation is only performed if the current rotation/increment constraints allow for the rotation.

Collate Pieces on Bulk Placement is only applicable for Linear Left-to-Right and Linear Right-to-Left placement options. When used, a single instance of each piece is placed in sequential order until all pieces have been placed. When not used, all instances of the first piece are placed, followed by all instances of the second piece, until all instances of all pieces have been placed.

Piece Placement Method allows you to change the way pieces are initially added to a marker. None will place the pieces on the marker exactly as they are laid out in the ExactFlat pattern view.  As such, pieces are not guaranteed to be placed on the marker surface.  Box Packing will attempt to pack the pieces on to the marker in descending order in terms of piece width. If using Auto Rotate Piece to Minimum Height, the piece is first rotated before packed. Linear Left-to-Right will place all pieces on the marker in a left-to- right order. The Linear Placement Alignment option can be used to change the vertical alignment of the pieces to Top, Middle, or Bottom. Linear Right-to-Left is functionally the same as Linear Left-to-Right, except that the pieces are placed in reverse order.

Placement Failure Behaviour allows you to choose what happens when a piece is too big to be automatically placed on the marker. When set to Do Not Place, the piece is simply removed from the marker. Place at Origin will place the piece in the lower left corner of the marker.  All failed pieces will overlap. Place Above Marker will array the pieces across the top of the marker.

Shift Selected
The shift selected controls allow you to shift all selected pieces to the left marker edge   or to the bottom marker edge .

ExactFlat now allows you to specify the unit system to use when exporting markers.  By default, ExactFlat will default to whatever unit system is in use by SOLIDWORKS.

Marker Set Options