ExactFlat Materials

ExactFlat Materials

The ExactFlat Materials tool allows the user to specify material properties for ExactFlat pieces.  The materials tool is available in the Model Environment, the Pattern Environment and in the Flattener Environment.   Any change to the Model Piece or Pattern Piece will always be reflected on the partner (model or pattern) piece.

  • Materials determine which markers pieces will be placed on.  If the material properties for a piece is changed,  the piece will be moved to a new marker.  If the material did not previously exist  in the part document,  a new marker will be created for the new material.  Markers must renested in order to be optimized based on the change in scope for each marker.
  • Materials help determine the shape of a flat pattern.  “Stiff” materials will have a different flat pattern than “stretchy” materials.  Pieces must be reoptimized and rebuilt in order for the flat pattern shape to account for a change in material properties.

In order to apply material properties to a piece,  click Materials  on the ExactFlat toolbar.   The materials property manager will appear:

Select a piece from the graphics area.  This works in either Pattern  or Model view.
When a piece is selected, the current piece name and material appears.  The piece can be renamed and  a new material  chosen from the material selection manager.  Click  Select Material to open the  material selection manager.  Select a material from the selection manager.  Expand categories by clicking the (+).  Click OK  to close the selection manager.
Apply the material properties to additional pieces by clicking in the Copy Properties selection box,  then select additional pieces.

Click OK. Material properties are changed for pieces in both the model and pattern views. If a new piece name was specified, the piece name will be changed for the pattern piece, the model piece and the surface feature that creates the pattern piece.