Connecting to a Database

Connecting to a Database

Database connections are stored and maintained in the ExactFlat Database Manager .  Database manager settings are stored in the following folder: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Tri-D Technologies Inc\ExactFlat Design AddIn for SolidWorks.  This is a standalone Windows application that was installed with ExactFlat. When you open the application it will look similar to the picture below. Select the database you want to connect to from the list.  Press Connect.   You have the option to use Windows Authentication (your user account login),  or to enter SQL login information directly.

Database Name Field

User defined name for the database.  In large enterprises,  users may choose to have  both a test and a live database in order that changes can be confirmed on the test database prior to launching on the live database.

Database Standalone Option

Enabling the Standalone Option signals the Database Connection to look for a database in the following folder: C:\ProgramData\Tri-D Technologies Inc\ExactFlat\Standalone Databases.

Database Instance Field

The Database field must match the name of the database file.  In the case of a Stand Alone Database,  the name must match the folder in which the database files exist.

Database Server

In order to connect to a remote database,  the URL or path to the database and server instance is required.

Database User

A Default User can be specified when using SQL authentication.  If Windows Authentication is used,  this is not needed.    A Stand Alone Database does not require a login or password.

Convert to Standalone

The Convert to Standalone  feature will convert an existing SQL database tp locally managed XML database.  Data tables are converted from SQL and saved to a folder as .xml data.

Adding and Removing Database Connections

Clicking the Add button allows an additional database instance to be added. In order changes to the database list  to be stored,  the database settings must be saved in File->Save. Clicking the  Remove button will remove the database connection. The database remains in it’s existing location. The Set Default option allows the user to specify the  default database in the ExactFlat addin options.