Installation Overview


  • SOLIDWORKS 2014 SP0.0 or newer installed on your Windows 7 Computer. ExactFlat for SOLIDWORKS software is available in 64 bit.
  • An ExactFlat Activation Key. This 16 digit number may be a trial license or permanent. You may have multiple activations for ExactFlat products.
  • You Should have received an installation ExactFlat for SOLIDWORKS v.1.0. If you are updating ExactFlat, simply run the new version below and ExactFlat will be updated.

Please send an e-mail to for the latest version of ExactFlat for SOLIDWORKS. After downloading the installation file, double click on the file to launch the installer. Follow instructions within the installer.


  • The SOLIDWORKS modelling environment runs on a single processor. Users who desire fast parametric sketching and surfacing tools will see a large benefit from obtaining a fast CPU and limiting other software that could potentially be using this CPU.
  • After CPU speed, CPU quantity is important. ExactFlat will use all available CPU cores when running simulations to accelerate multiple piece flattening. Doubling the number of cores halve the solve time for multiple piece projects. Automatic nesting can also run on separate CPU from SOLIDWORKS.